full moon on 6 April 2012

I glazed out of my window and once again, I saw the moon! It is so bright now, and I need a sunglasses to look at it. For sure, it's the same moon that I posted before because Earth only has one moon orbiting it~ Because there's only one moon, people tend to look at it more importantly, if, there's two, three, four moons...it won't be the same feeling when I looked at it. Likewise, if there is another you and another you, which will make you feeling not special anymore. HAHAHA.

So, God only created one you. If you found that there's a person who has almost the same face with you, I'm sure the attitude, style etc won't be the same. hahaha. bluff bluff bluff! That's why you are so special because you are the only one :)))


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