Hello I'm back wahahahaha

Sudden attack of feeling wanting to update my blog.

I felt that over the past few years, during my secondary school period, I think I have been a very good girl. Emphasizing the word very.

Well, good in the way that I did not skip classes, fight with teachers, leaving homeworks blank, do something extravaganza that I seriously never think of it. Hmm, except the fact that I demerit-ed 30 points plus one week of community service (cutting weeds, cleaning the entire school compound). That was the worse thing that I have done, and I gained, HUGE lesson from there. Never leave anything unattended.

Anyway, the second bad thing I have thought of is being in a relationship with a guy younger than me one year. LOL, actually he was older than me few months only though. Recalling the past, hmm, it was so flowery. zzz I know it is very mean to say that it is a bad thing when it was supposedly to be a cool thing. Till date, I don't even feel that it is a cool thing to be in love when you are so young. SO YOUNG! by the way, it ended by me after all. LOL, opps. One thing for sure, haha, we are still friends :) good thing!

Hmm, time passed so fast! This year I'm turning 19. omg. in few more months. Grant my wish, I want 100 followers! I had listened to stories that shocked my entire body systems into a halt from my friendssss. Listening to those stories, I think I am very very GOOD girl. hahahaha!

anyway, this is just a messy post! study study study !!byebye~

p/s: I regret for not being a bad bad girl :SSS If I were a bad girl before, maybe I could learn new things, new new things! LOL


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