Hi everybody!

So, exams are over. Final is coming and I am blogging. IT RHYTHMS! Hehehe. I'm so freak out while studying man's stuff on my biology book because I was thinking of something else. wtf.

I decided to take a break, anyway, today was so ordinary and young(my pimples are popping out,indicating something.......hahaha), nothing much to say but one thing that popped out of my head was, my dream! and I decided to write 8)

I suddenly recalled it. The dream was about , me, of course. I remember so vividly that I was experiencing toothache. One of my teeth broke and there was a hole in between my teeth. I was so terrified and I got up and it was 7.40am. LOL the end.

Coincidentally to me now because I am going to have a new tooth soon! It's coming OUT OUT FROM MY GUMMMM... and I don't know why I have jaw pain on my left side instead of right side because my wisdom tooth is coming out on the right side. Alienated and mutated jessie :((((( omg.... can that wisdom tooth give me some wisdom ?!?! I'm going to search how to make it grows faster. eat more..meat..drink milk...eat raw eggs...

Finals in three weeks time and I need to brush up so that I don't end up feeling moody during holiday! :))))

btw, just now I jogged alone at the park. Sounds emo but I'm okay. Anyway, I just wanted to sweat a bit so that I don't get fatter because I have been eating VERY VERY MUCH lately. You see, TWO CHICKENS(snack plate) ON SUNDAY! fat fat fat~ no way! Next time I don't want to eat kfc chicken anymore.

So, the main point I'm telling here is that I could run continuously for 2 rounds and a half. I don't know how long is that, but it's quite long actually. run baby run!!! hheheh. I'm going for another jog tomorrow if there's no rain~ maybe 3 rounds continuously without stopping. I ran for 6 rounds in just 35 minutes and sweat like shit..smelly..

I feel so thin now. xDDDD


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