I reached my dearest home =]

Right now, sitting in front of my dearest table and start to blog about particularly everything. This post is messed up. very. Oh ya, this post is going to be long and full of words!

I have been neglecting and not writing much recently because I was too busy preparing myself to face final examination. It was hard to be passionate towards the goal, which is not to fail and aim for A's. As you go higher up in educational path, never try to give up because once you give up, you hardly will find the way and passion to climb up again when you are regretting for being giving up in the first place. That is what I told myself to "force" myself to study for the best. Anyway, finals were over! It ended peacefully(i hope) yesterday. Thank God.

Actually I reached my hometown few hours ago. The feeling of stepping into the house door, my room door and eventually my bed! Even though there is no changes in the house, just messier because my brother carried all his stuffs downstairs and put all on the tuition table which is quite big and full of BOOKS. BOOOOKS. I love books!

I ate one plate of mee, leftover actually but I felt like eating it because my mum cooked ! Then she cooks my favourite chicken soup! Yay, tomorrow I am going to eat all the chicken soup plus steamed rice!! YAHOOOOOOOO~ So, I was feeling lucky to have her by my side, of course, my brothers and sister too! Dad woke up suddenly, to see me LOL. Then went back to sleep.

Okay, move one to the past few weeks. Things are happening , always happening on me recently. New things practically, things that I have never done before happened on me. I don't wish to voice what was what, because I would have crossed the boundary if I said it here. Blogger has secrets that should not be revealed as well right :] Or I should say, masked by words, not really revealing what is happening. Bloggers are good in covering meanings. Twist and twist and twist..PEKCEK

It is getting late , so I decided to stop writing and head off to my DEAREST BED with HUGHUG! I brought HugHug back from kampar to miri :] good night everyone!


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