shimmering stars~看星星噢!

Yesterday night, the night was cold, windy and full of stars! Of course the brightest star was the moon! Someone told me something very important. If you think a person hates you, and start to ignore, leave, not even feel like knowing you, and talk less to you. never ever think she/he hates you. If you do so which is what I did everyday until yesterday, you won't make any changes. All you need to do is to, change your mind by not thinking that she/he hates you and shed off all the thoughts and start anew. Start to accept her/him by throwing all the bad things that you thought before. With that, you can accept who she/he is. I hope, with this new mindset, I can become more friendly with her/him again. Hopefully she/he don't ignore me, that's all :) Ignoring is suffering, especially when it's a friend. Chinese time!

就像普通的朋友一样 在学校遇到了就说一声HI也好吧 好了我决定了 我会说会的像新的朋友一样!HI !!希望你收到我的感觉~就算你有别的朋友,也不要变了一个人好吗?好像我不再是你认识的那个朋友:(

不管了 我还是会跟你好好的因为你是我朋友 :) 不会乱乱想东西 以前现在未来都是朋友! 加油加肉加菜加水 全部都加加加!!


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