two days before finals start!

OMfG. Look at the title! I should rather feel nervous than being happy-duppy-dummy here. Anyway, I wish I could get 3.5 this time :D All I have to do is to think faster, beating time during exam!

I wrote here because I felt like to. The last post was like one week ago, and that was so long! Sorry, readers, I was busy doing revisions everyday from early morning until late night, approximately 9pm then I had my dinner at around that time then went back to my hostel then start revising again. Duh, it was not that tired, maybe a little because I needed to cycle with BIG rocks in my bag. Zzzz I brought all the notes for 5 subjects that I took to library. MYGOD.

But then, this is what student should do right ? I can't do this three years later because I will graduate with good cgpa and work like a mad, earn many many money and then buy many many things and then buy one single storey house for my parents. That house must only with one floor, but BIG enough to fit in my dearest parents :D At the side of the house, there should be compound, where my mum can do her favourite; gardening :D She has been neglecting her hobby for the past ten years because she goes to work. That is why my house plants are more pretty flowers to enjoy =@

Besides compound, there should be a indoor half basketball court :)) no particular reason, but I can spend my time there doing exercises and my brother can play basketball and I can join too! Oh, I want a see saw too, so that I can sit there dreaming and reading my books~

Muahahahhaha, yaa~ my dream! I don't want a huge house, but just a little house that is perfectly fit my type, hehehe. Maybe, I would not live there with my parents for long, because I think my future job place will not be somewhere near my hometown :O But but , I still want to buy a house there and give it to my parents! My mum will be happy for sure! :))) Then they can enjoy their life ~~~~~~ waaaaaa


but i prefer this one!~ :DDD

So I should start chasing my dream now, and start saving LOL. Then I can eat chicken soup everyday~~~~~MISSING CHICKEN SOUP MAMMAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~ one more week to go and CHICKEN SOUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP ~~yahoooo

kla, byebye~ revision revision!!!!!!!!! wait for another post one week later~~ :)

p/s: can everyone send me LUCKS for my finals ?


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