Awesome drama!

Uh-oh, I just finished this drama. Towards the end, I keep forward the drama because I could not stand to watch it slowly and wanted to know the ending very impatiently! So, it was not that bad after all even though not a really happy ending :D

I find that some of the words they said, really made sense to the maximum. I forget, but many. “生病的人不一定是不快乐的 但是健康的人也不一定是快乐的” which means, sick person is not necessarily happy but a healthy person is also not necessarily happy.

有时候期望越大,失望也越大 反而没期望就不会有不必要痛苦 也许期望会带来痛苦但正因为有期望就算有多痛苦我们都可以撑下去 所以不管多么的害怕失望,多么怕痛 也不能失去期望

waaaa, hong kong drama always made sense, singapore drama also make sense, korean drama a little bit out of expectation, taiwanese drama always more on lovey-dovey. Heheh. Anyway, finally I got to finished this in, one week ? YAY!


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