do you ever??

Ever being awaken by a cat ? Not human. I did, I just did. Few hours ago, she was at my foot there, and I don't know what she did there. Practically just sat there and start scratching my blanket. My god, she even bite (not painful kind) my toe. What's in my toe ? honey ?

Anyway, she was being bored, I think. She looked at me and I looked at her. Making human-cat eye contacts. Luckily there was no electrical sparks. HAHAHA! She went and jumped on my chest of course, there is still a thick blanket on me. Due toe subconsciousness, I did not shout like a mad! Instead I closed my eyes and went back to sleep again.  懒得理她!

At least she was not that heavy though~

EMO emo-ing!


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