happy mama day!

I feel so great today because I ate a lot, and I am full ! In the afternoon, my brother and I went to get the booked cake before heading home. My mum didn't know that we were getting a cake for her. Hehehehe. Everything goes well :) She have no idea at all when she got home with dad and we were like laugh laugh like that. She said "smile what smile" sort of in chinese. Then she went to kitchen~ tadaaaa~ hehehehe.

see the caption! my brother thinks of it. hahahaha~ “老板娘,happy mother's day!!” Last time my mum used to hit me with big big rotan when my test was shit, she asked me to kneel down for so long too, all night. She even locked me in the toilet and balcony because of quarreling with siblings. Many things, after hitting me with rotan, at night she wiould put oil on me, or whatever stuff to heal the wounds. Ouch. Hehe, love you always ! :D I miss the way you hit me with rotan HAHAHAHA! >.<

 i am always your daughter :D happy mama day, everyday is happy mama day~~~ (sorry for the pyjamas, opps!)


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