little birdies

This happened few weeks ago. (forgetting to blog about it, but remembering it now, because it is a must to blog about this little cute birdies!)

It's rather amusing if you suddenly find a little birdy, very little, few weeks old. A friend of mine, told me there was a part where the person who was trying to trim the grass off leave it untrimmed. He said there was bird nest. So the other day(many days), when I was cycling home, I was trying to search the the place so, I saw it!

I try to stop, I must because I wanted to see what was inside the nest! Of course there should be birds la because it was a BIRD nest, I just wanted to take a look! So near, so beautiful(how great the creation of God). My friend took a picture of them, and hey looked at them!

I could see them breathing, they still young, not having any fur growing out through them. Their beaks were quite large for a birdy and they still were not able to open their eyes. Even though without fur, just pinkish skin, I don't know why I called them "cute".

How I wish I could bring it home  and rear it until it can fly fly fly~I did not because the mother will be mourning for the children~~~

Over the weekends, whenever I passed by, I would take a look (few seconds) at them, trying to make sure they are still there. Until the last day of exam, I saw them, they already had fur, feathers!!!! Omg, so awesome, it was quite fast. The photo was taken about a week before exam, and then my exam was like one week after that. Two weeks and the little birdies already grown up quite a lot! I was truly shocked. I was glad that I turned back to see them for the last :)

I think by now, they are already flying around the world trying to feel how good it is to be able to fly fly fly like a superman!! :D


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