meeting new friends~

I love the feeling of meeting new friends and knowing about them.

I just met few on the second day of my first year first trimester degree year ! It's pretty awesome to find new friends everywhere around the school. Building up your networking, as what I heard from lecturers etc. Especially the friends that are so easy to talk ~ :D

Anyway, today is the third day of the new trimester, and I'm blogging here because I have no class on Wednesday ! And tomorrow I am only going for an hour class in the afternoon. How awesome degree life is, you don't have tutorials every week, but it's quite troublesome because you might messing up all the timetable and ending up going to the wrong time. So, you need a notebook.

Alright, I attended anatomy and physiology 1 yesterday, and I think it was quite a challenge because you have to know many new terms. Know what's lanugo ? HAHAHAH. anyway, I'm not giving up, because I like I like the subject actually :))) The lecturer is awesome too~~~~

Thank you~~~~~~~~ thank you everybody!!

Oh ya, german language was awesome too! ich liebe dich !! >.< hahahahhahahaha


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