My family photo!

lols. that's my family! I love them !

Uberly blurry and dark with wrong expression because the person who hold the camera was funny! Haha, anyway, it was fun though. Family is the most important thing in my life. Without them I am nothing at all! Not even a dust. Time flies very quickly and I am about to fly to my studying place (again!). Leaving to me is like a routine already, feeling a little bit heavy because I don't want to leave my air cond room. I guess I just need to move on, and on. hahaha.

Oh, besides these two little adorablies also made me and my family life colourful! Hehehe. They are my close cousins! :D

michelle~~ :D 

naughty danny!! My godbrother too!
I guess that's all! OH YA! TODAY THERE'S A SURPRISE TO ME! MY BIG BROTHER ACTUALLY BOUGHT ME A 16GB MM CARD FOR MY PHONE! OMg, SHOULD I LOVE HIM MORE? >.< thanks!! :) and I got my salary too! one month salary but I work for 3 weeks or less :DDD Thanks dad!! THANK YOU EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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