one day trip to the lost world of tambun

Two days ago, I went to the lost world of tambun. I never know the existence of this place until I reached there. Of course it exist la, because I went there ma. Thanks to him, I was able to enjoy this one day, special one because no family there, just friends ! Awesome~ Furthermore, that day was thursday, so very little customers. So glad, because when we played the thing, we don't have to line up, and wait for our turn! It's like, we booked the entire place.

Not much pictures taken when we were enjoying ourselves because phones were locked in the locker hard to bring it around. Because all the phones are expensive. LOL.

I had not been in the water for like, 3 or 4 years ? I mean, drenching your entire body except your head in the water. Two days ago, I just broke the record. HAHAHA. Amazingly fun, but so sad because I cannot swim. Even though someone is trying so hard to teach me, but I still failed. Opps! Swimming is not my thing, I guess. I just have to wait for someone to save me from water if I drown.

That place, was quite clean. I liked the zoo actually. The animals are able to roam freely, communicating with the strangers. Of course, domestic animals la, not tigers etc. There were two tigers, their furs are pretty! Feed with chicken meat everyday. yum yum!~

We played many games. The most fun part was the, um, the water game where you sat on the huge buoyant (issit, I don't know how to describe it) and you flow from a very high place and then you shout like a MAD and then thank God, you survived from the ordeal!

Be careful not to vomit out anything from your stomach because I felt dizzy and nausea after playing it.

All in all, everything went well and fun! ~ I appreciate !

Degree first year first trimester going to start next week! Bless everyone with cool and awesome day ahead ya ! :) and I got to strive hard this time :)


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