Wowow~ time is running very quickly!

Well, well, well. I suffocated just to be in the same line with the time. I never succeeded because time does not wait for me :(

Anyway, I have not been blogging for quite some time because I was busy enjoying and doing my stuff every night. I only have time at night for myself, while the rest of the day was; working at my dad's.

Today, as usual, working too! Pretty busy but today I found something quite interesting. A quote by myself :D

" In working prospect, it is not the knowledge that helps you to gain higher respect from the boss or what, it is the soul within you that work hard to do the job well. In the other words, it is the spirit of hardworking and seriousness in yourself that helps you to be good at work and not knoowledge because everyone can get knowledge very easily as long as they are interested in knowing it, but not everyone can or willing to work hard even for the small thing in life".

I saw two workers from two different countries who were delivering stuff to my dad's shop. One was "bangladesh"(not trying to be rude by putting "") and another was local. I saw how they worked. Obviously the bangladesh guy was way more hardworking in work while the local was like "oh oh " that kind of worker. I don't know how to describe him but he was some sort of lazy bum to me. LOL.

So the moral of the story is, we have to be hardworking and smart at the same time in life :D

p/s: I'm leaving miri for a three days two nights at my grandpa's house. It has been years (many years) since I last seen him.


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