I don't feel like missing in action but I wanted to! I was halfway revising my biochemistry notes. Wtf. I hate the way the lecturer prepare the notes. WTFWTF zzz

Well, I was bored and visited the school portal just to get some news or what, so I finally read and see the course structure for the three years! Lol, it seems like SHIT VERY SHIT.

Year 2 and year 3 seems like SHIT to me @@ but I don't care I must graduate with good cgpa. so maybe I will update my blog like, once a month ? ~ 

lalalala whatever, but I need to brush up and start memorising 20 F* amino acids with one and three letter abbreviation together with the structures before friday coming... my beloved bc, i hate u very muchie u made my night LIKE faeces. Glycine,gly alanine,ala,valine,val..............

and i hate u degree. i love celcius. hate you degreeeeeee!


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