new family.....yay~

Oh yeah look at that ! My new mouse! I don't have a proper mouse that fit my hands. So, today I bought myself a brand new and cute looking mouse! Slim and white and costed me rm 18! Don't know what brand is that but I saw it is made in China. I love China. China flag, china nike, china adidas, china money. loll! HAHAHHAHA. I hate spending my money over these kind of stuffs, rather spend it on stickers, food etc. Didn't tell Mr H about this HAHAHAHA ! xDDD He will be like " 不是有料么?!还买干吗~~die stuppy" So better not tell until I bought it :P Actually I have been getting little electric shock from the touchpad everytime I use it. I don't want to use the old rusty ugly mouse that comes together with the laptop. Don't even feel like using it when I see it , now I have new mouse so I can throw the old mouse and become a toy for EMO >.< hehehhehe. bye! Wish me luck for tomorrow's mid term! I hope I can draw and calculate the right ones :)) God, help me, switch on my brain tomorrow ! xDDDD

OH YEAH I LOVE MY MOUSE OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH~ I LOVE YOU IM GONNA DECORATE YOU WITH.................................. STICKERS. MUAHAHHAHA OH WAIT WHY DO I SOUND SO HAPPY WHEN TOMORROW'S EXAM ??! CAUSE.... I STILL CAN RUN FOR 10 ROUNDS CONTINUOUSLY UNDER HOT AND SUNNY CONDITION AFTER LAZY ANS SLACKING AROUND FOR SO LONG. come medal come medal... i love you, please drop onto my hands~~ byeebyeeeee yihaaa~ sat jog, sun jog, mon jog, tue jog, wed jog, thurs jog, fri jog.. everyday jog.....


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