one day trip in Perak!

Hey, I'm back! okay. Good news, I could run 8 rounds continuosly non-stop already. Yippie! When I look at the girls at the park running so good, I tell myself I cannot give up. 90% of them, I think will take part in the coming utar run. I cannot afford to lose, so I must not give up because that day will be my mum's 44th birthday ! So sad I am not home :( Anyway, I hope God could strengthen my spirit and let me finish the 12km run!

Sorry for that, actually there will be pictures today ! Taken with my samsung advance with 5mp( :(((( ) only. Most photos are edited :P I mean ALL. HAHAHAHA. 

Three days ago which was Saturday, I went to Gua Tempurung which is few miles away from Kampar. I went there with Mr H and his family. XD He has lovely family! Seriously his family is different than mine. My mum won't try to "geli", I mean poke my dad using her fingers but his mum did. Hahaha, maybe different families have different kind of style. It was awesome trip though I didn't take any photo :P I was toooo shy. XD He has the photos :DDD

Anyway, so, two days ago, meaning Sunday my friends and I went to a tour bringing us visiting some parts of Perak. First destination was...


what I learnt : It takes about 32 days to make charcoal. 

Mr Chai promoting his beautiful charcoal! 

fume ? I walked inside and I feel HOT. lol

missing plus shooting! :D

wooohoo, supergirl Peggy is miri friend, met in utar ! :D

hahahahahha, okay, that's cool !
 Next destination....

Kek Lok Cave !

Mr H doesn't want to look at my camera !

I look at the camera then~ Okay, the tree has thorns like durian.
 Next destination...
Haunted Kellie's Castle ! anthony..helen....

On top of the castle ~~ 

sot papaya friend from limbang :P 
Awesome but tired day. All the tiredness gone when an ajk told me ''我喜欢你的笑容!'' Hehehehe..


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