first time making cookies without mum..

And it's a disaster :(
And I feel like a loser.

But then we still succeeded in the end. The cookies taste a little bit too sweet though. Anyway, I have fun and know more about my friends. Cool~

Actually it's not my thing but I still feel like helping. Hhehehe. Doing cookies are fun actually, especially with friends ! Even though it's tired like nobody knows. They are doing it for their community service assignment. Pretty nice, because you don't have to FACE THE BOOKS or NOTES to get marks. All you do is, using your creativity, and do it... lol..

Wish them all the best for this coming Friday, Mr H you don't too stressed out too! It will be fine, trust me!

Let the byeyah~~

woooohooo first time taking photo together! heheh :)


asingaporeanson said…
Pastries take a long time to master. Practice makes perfect. They looked great already, keep improving the taste

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