happy day~~~ out of stress!

We had a 3 hours gap in between classes, so we decided to go newtown and had our Mcdonald lunch! Banana and I wanted the olympic cups so much but not papaya. Hehehe, Papaya gave me her cup and I exchanged it with the black one! So I got two cups in a day! Yay~ Thanks papaya~~~ and Banana going for another trip this saturday to get the black one ! xDD 

We were almost late for the bus but luckily the bus uncle was good and did not left us! If not, we will be wasting our RM 2 to get taxi to be back to school. And so, we had our over full lunch and back to school half an hour earlier. We took stupid photos together ! xDD 

this is the most perfect one I guess. HAHAHAHA. from left to right , coconut, banana and papaya ! Those fruits are healthy ! Oh yeah, oh yeah.
oh yeah new cover ! xDD 

Had a very fun and happy day tooooday! And I found the cover that I like! it's PINK LIGHT PINK! the pink that I like so so so so much! xD


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