i have a red bag.

Few minutes to tomorrow, or midnight. I did my tutorial partially as I do not really get what the questions are asking me. I do not know I am stupid or what, or the question is just terribly out from the lecture notes. I guess it is the first option though. This very first semester of my degree, I have been hating lecturers. Back in foundation, I do not hate any lecturer at all even though some of their classes are so bored to death that I could just stand and falls asleep in minutes. For instance, all the chemistry subs like inorganic and organic. wtf. I always hate chemistry, never try to like it even though I got an A+ in ass pee am chemistry (show off ? nah, nothing at all) So, I decided to pack my bag and ready for tomorrow classes and will be another 8 hours in school. @@ (auch, my printer just electrocuted me!) oh, where am I? oh, hating lecturers are always students job. Not the kind of hate when your boyfriend cheats on you and say hurtful words to you when everything is in a mess; fight. It is just temporary hate where you will not go and kill, or do anything harmful to the lecturers. Just plain hate. healthy kind of hate. hahahaha. You are not a human if you say you do not hate any single homosapien which falls under the same species with you in this world. liers! who i hate? i hate my nutrition lecturer, hate my maths lecturer, hate my biochemistry lecturer, and love my physiology and anatomy lecturer. muahahaha. anyway, hating is not going to do any better, so i will not hate them for life. i will love them after this semester. oh yeah.oh yeah. I am going to meet DEPUTY OF DEAN this friday at 9! so nervous. @@ scary. wtf. oh ya, i think i did my best in my two midterms. hahhaa. give me high mark give me give me what i want!!!! why i cramp everything into one single paragraph?I am so messy!! oh byebye~ I feel like sleeping already. Mr H is busy busy! so busy!~ I also need to be busy busy busy oh yeah ~ opps, I still have one more report to go ! AWWWWWW HATE HATE HATE! HATE nutrition toooooooooooooooo especially survey forms! i hate you!!!!!!!!!!! bye good nights. I rant tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much already. Alright I should stop now...


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