what did I do to my nails ?!

the pink isn't exactly nude until like this, thanks to the camera effect that makes it look like this . hahaha, actually it's light pink :DD (actually if i dont edit it, my palms look like 90 year old nanny -.-)
Manicured ? XD Thanks to my friend Christina who help me beautifying my ugly nails ! That was the first time I try to stamp my fingers with all the patterns ! It was indeed nice! I did not colour my nails for so long and it feels weird at first but then it's still fine :)))

Anyway, midterms are coming for the next few weeks and I must not .... beaten by them. I shall rise and kill them!

Oh yeah tomorrow no class at all but lab test on Thursday! wth. ruined my day!

Anyway, recently, I spent too much money until I feel so guilty. So sad, I want to diet and save money for my future ____________. LOL let's watch Audrey and Timothy video!

hahaha. i will be moderately angry if audrey put hello kitty stickers on my car. I lol-ed ! xD

OH YEAH congratulations! Happily ever after ya :) Can't wait for little baby :) BIG EYES FOR SURE!


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