wooohooo eat all you can

I feel so lazy to type la because I have bloated stomach due to the overloading of food inside my stomach! TODAY IS THE FIRST TIME I STEPPED INTO SECRET RECIPE ! And ate a slice of chocolate cake that tasted like heaven ! xDDDD

Actually the class should end at 2 pm but it ended one hour earlier because the lecturer was lazy (We all assumed LOL, cause she supposed to give us break at 1pm but then she said " I think you guys are already saturated with all these, so I think I will continue with in another lecture" ) Hahaha, so we packed our bag and went to MACDONALD. to get the glass ! I have three glasses already !

After Macdonald, we went for secret recipe. And ate the delicious cake!

Chocolate indulgence (MINE)

White chocolate bla bla (Papaya)

Chocolate fudge (Banana)

OURS !! My first trip there ! Like SAKAI actually =.=


mine , the cake was SO DAMN SWEET @@ but taste nice!

clean and clear . papaya's! ahahhaha~
Next we went to OCHADO since the cake was toooo sweet.

oh oh drinks!

sakai faces ! lol. I have the biggest face! man yi le ..
Today I feel so happy and full and happy and full ...

p/s: ahahhaa, my german test 99% OMG unbelievable!!! omgomgomgomgomg actually I should get 98 >.<


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