Over the 19 years of my life, I have extreme large numbers of friends. From kindergarten friends to uni friends. They are most probably are same age with me. I appreciate all of them even though some friends do leave deep scar at the bottom of my heart with a plaster with it. Because of them, my life is full of ups and down. Perhaps, colourful. Some might be the colours that I love, some might not. Wait, what colours I hate ? It seems like I love every colour. hahaha. But most is PINK :P

Friends are important because they are the people who spend most of the time with us. Your friends, are my friends too. I hope, as time goes by, your friends will be more like my friends rather than yours. LOL.

Anyway, they are my friends. To feel closer, you just had to spend more time with each other and trying to understand the simple things around them. Oh yeah, actually I blog for fun. hahahaha. because yesterday I had my first steamboat, not with my family, but my another family; friends :D

I found that eating steamboat is so cute. Lol. You just had to put all the stuffs into the pot and let it boil and then you grumble everything into your tiny stomach ! Mama~ I want steamboat~~~

Last but not least, the photo I found in my camera. LOL. It's us. I'm counting the number of photo of us. Third one perhaps ?

you look darker, I look fairer :p I look thinner too! but, my face and teeth are bigger than yours! zzz.  i hate it !!!!! zzzzzz oh yeah hello kitty is the best! someone adores hello kitty too~ maybe I should share some with her ~ hahahahah
p/s: do you like the quality of the photos ? Hehe, it's my baby nikon 1 J1. Oh yeah~~
I have mood to blog because my mid term are in mcq type. lol


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