see that ?! oh yyay~~

Right now, I'm still scare if tomorrow is the midterm. I hope not. Anyway I still want to blog. hahaha. I got too many presents this year. Too much pampering >.< pictures!

Thanks to Mr H and his queen.... I really want to appreciate everything :) :)

Thanks again to Mr H even though it's a little bit too small but I still can wear it :)  PINK fipper!
Thank God for letting me choosing this path, all the way from stranger to friend and so on. I really have to appreciate every bits and pieces of moments in my life. No matter it is good or bad, I still will... appreciate everything before, now and future. Thank God because I am blessed with people who are so much important to me. really blessed....thanks.

Good night, loves.

p/s: next time please don't buy stuff anymore :SSSS I'm feeling guilty!


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