A memorable day

Beware, this is going to be a long post.

The day started with a wake up, having breakfast together. I know that day will be very special. It was not special at first, but you make it special. Yes, it's you. You make it special. You brought me, warmness on that very day. It was my birthday. Because of you, I think it is special. Because my birthday, to me is just another ordinary day.


Heading to Penang Island on that day. I saw your mum, called her Aunty :) I was pretty bad in adjusting myself in a new environment. I try my best not to feel shy :S Anyway, it was pretty good though. Stepped onto your big and nice house which somehow dumbfounded me a while. What the heck. You live in such a house ? I thought of something for a while. I felt burdened. you, rich. f :S 

Anyway, your room is still smaller than my room. Muahahaha. So, we went out. WENT OUT YOU KNOW ?!?! FIRST TIME GOING OUT PAKTO. OMG. ON MY BIRTHDAY LAGI! I feel so in love ==!

So, you drive, I saw it for the very first time too because we cycle in uni. Waaa, very cool. Opps. Went to Armenian street in Penang, the only street name that is still fresh in my mind  because all these happened before my finals. At that street, there are a lot of stuff to look at and shot at. Those people are never lack of dslr on the hands . Me and Mr H too! :P 

Oh before heading to Armenian street, we went to have our lunch or dinner at nearby hawker stalls. I had curry mee. Mind me, I fell in love with Penang curry mee! It was spicy and delicious !! Tasted a bit like Laksa Sarawak.

We walked, holding hands together (feeling more in love here,lol) to find all kinds of arts painted on the wall. I saw a lot of my friends posted on fb and I wanted to take a look at it, and Mr H granted my wish ! OH MY! ( I know this is so 肉麻, I also think so. but I don't care lol!)

I think we walked around the streets for many times, and somehow we chatted about my friends. My friends in miri. When we turn left at the corner, guess what we found ? I heard someone called me "JESSIE!!!!!" I still did not see anyone cause there was a big pole hiding that someone who called me. We walked more towards that voice, and guess who I saw ?!

My junior!!! Omg, I could not believe it at first but it was real because it was. Lols. Really shocked and thought that is so so so miraculous! Took a photo to make it as memory~very rare you know?! because my hometown is so far and will not find any old friends here. hiak hiak. You are the first person to see me with a guy hand in hand. BUSTED MEOWMEOW!

Night arrived shortly. You wanted mochi mochi so I took a picture with you and mochi mochi uncle. Oh, before that we went to gurney to find cooker but it was futile because we wanted a gas cooker and not induction but now ended up using induction cooker. hahaha. In gurney, what I remember the most is rotiboy! We bought one each and then said “还要吗?” then go for another one! Oh yeah~ 哈哈哈哈

Then went to gurney drive. Should be driving. But we walked for a while. HAHAH. Then drive back home.

me with keychains! so hard to bargain :S
 Before walking, Mr H got some snacks. My mum phoned me that time. Remember this vividly in my mind.
I think this is clam with eggs

ikan bakar ! 

took a memorable picture with big G!
 I thought you want to bring me home already because it was quite late, 10 pm something? But you drove to a place called Straits Quay. Rich people shopping mall. The environment was nice, I like it :)

Took some photos as memories :)

I think this peppermint patty looks like me. Pimples and short haired!

The road that we used to walk... can we walk again someday ?
So we did what couples do. Walking and talking and sitting. Oh yeah, we can't do this all the time because....... we have distance. Distance. You know. Urgh :( Did not watch movie together at all :((( so sad~ hahaha anyway, there are still a long way to go. I believe in myself ! muahahahaha :D

So I have to treasure. Really treasure it.

Back home, I saw your aunt and her family. So many people. What you guys did. I did not even know their names, and they celebrate my birthday ? what the... that is so awesome of you Mr H. Zzzz Sense of guiltiness overwhelmed me. I will ___ you more...hahahahahah

my 19th cake. Actually I haven't been having any cake during my birthday since primary 5 and now I have a cake on my 19th birthday really made me speechlessss!!! !@#@$@#$#@%^ 

 What did Mr H gave me ? I thought my birthday present is already bringing me to glance around Penang. but hey, you did something behind me again....

Before the clock strikes 12, you gave me,

A book.
A book and cards.
A book and pictures.
A book and story of us.
with hello kitttttty!!!

white papers to be filled with more stories ahead !

All in all, I really appreciate all the things that you and your family had done. Last but not least, thank you, once again.

loved, meow meow qian.

tata, good night my fellow readers :) sleep tight !

p/s: there's another post awaiting about penang too. This time is, penang visit :) Everybody loves Penang :D I forget to buy the t-shirt la. zzzz


Anonymous said…
Awaiting more posts!
Honey 3 said…
Aw, so sweet. Stay sweet forever yea. :D
Yinwin said…
Aww im dying of diabetes.
MeowMeow Qian said…
anonymous: xDDD
honey: thanks! hehehehhe
yinwin:hahahhaha ! nola, no sweeet xP

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