Right now, I am blogging. This time is a little bit special. Why ?

Because I am blogging in airport ! There will be 8 more hours till my turn to board on flight. This is the very first time I have to wait for so long in the airport ! It was indeed a new experience to me because I am alone ! All by myself, flying home for the first time. My usual friend who always accompany me flying back did not follow me. Ohhh, ohh, I'm trying to be independent now !  

Back to the topic,

I am so lazy to write everything accordingly. I would just describe every pictures then :P


air itam morning market :)

granny's curry mee ! I tried three curry mees from different places , and this was the best curry mee that I tried ! Thanks to Mr H + family for that ! 

with my sabai face inside as memory! hehe.

next, to Bukit bendera !

three Mr H 's cousin! They are friendly :))) 

da qian;me and xiao qian! heheheh~

Thanks uncle & aunty !

happy family ! xDD 

kepo girl steps in !

watching the whole penang island

Bukit bendera, this time they upgraded the cable train. Last time was old type train. It was not as scare as last time, because last time was without the mirror, and you could feel the wind blowing through your face while going up the hill. 

I love this the best ! hehehhe.

this is called pasembur, and I love it so much ! taste like, peanut + a little bit spicyness  and sweet ba, don't know how to describe it but I love it ~ blahhh~

at the beach ! 

tastiest satay ever ! very nice lerrrr ~

Oh yeah, another photo of both of us !! hehehehe. 

Another snapshot ! Hehehehhe ! on the cannon ! prepare to shooot someone ! hahahaha ~ My legs look white, hahhaha but too much fats on the calf part. I am going to shooooo that away pretty soon! Hope to have snsd legs sooooon~ 
Actually there are more photos, but can't upload so much because very tired waiting for it to load ! hehehe.

After all, Penang is a good and awesome places with many food to try out ! I love penang ! So does everyone :)

Alright, it's almost 12 now, TIME PLEASE RUN FASTER....... going to sleep whole day tomorrow!



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