life's brief candle

Life is short. Life is just an empty bottle.
Whatever we did, doing and will do, will not be enough to fill the empty bottle with sands, rocks and so on.

So, we have to appreciate everything before someone takes our lives from us. I have my life. My life is full of things. Many things. All sorts of things. bad and good. equality!

I have family, happy family, relatives.
I have friends, old friends, new friends, best friends, ordinary friends and so on.
I have a house to shelter myself from all sorts of bad climates.
I have good life.
I have two cats. (my brother one actually)
I have practically everything.

* * *

Few more days, I am going to end the first semester of my degree life. Suffocating? Perhaps. Because I messed up my maths test :( very sad. I hope I can pass though. bad day bad day!

Anyway, I still have one more test to go this Thursday and I am blogging because I wanted to blog, so easy.

This semester is a little bit different than previous semester.

I seldom go out eat with friends. My foundation friends. I seemed to have neglected them.
I hang out with new friends.
I always have my lunch.
I always eat dinner.
I played badminton quite a lot.
I got medal.
I become short-haired.
I try to cook.
I bought a new camera.
I went out of kampar.

Some changes might be bad, might be good. I hope the bad turns good and the goods remain.

Someone is leaving tomorrow. Three weeks are short, I believe. Eventhough it's in plural form. This should be a challenge. Because in the future, there will be much more challenges. In these three weeks, I might learn swimming, if I can find someone to teach me. I want to learn cooking too! I will be reading day and night. Might help my dad in the shop. Hopefully there's income! Better if people in charge of the shop and dad and mum no need to work and then I can enjoy every single day! I want to go hiking with dad. I want to buy more books. I want to clean my room. I want to take more pictures of my brothers' cats.

Hopefully, what I do will make me forget about time, study, everything including mr h! hehehehe. But I guess I won't.

Alittlemissinginrelationshipisgoodthough. Byebye la! Going to study for my last subject! Strive my best ! Oh yeah! Everybody good lucks!

人生短短几十年 所以每一年,每一月,每一日,每一种,每一秒 都要真实地去感觉它,把它变快了,珍惜它的存在!
p/s: I am wondering, who is reading my blog ? hehehe. Follow my blog ! :)))


Leon Lai said…
Who's reading?
Mr.H lo! XD
MeowMeow Qian said…
lol!! xDD he seldom come my blog dy lo~~ hahahahha
=f3rn) said…
dnt emo.. i am new jessie... guess who am i ? :DD fern
MeowMeow Qian said…
eeee ! give me your bloglink then i don't emo :DDD

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