My mooncake festival

Happy Mooncake Festival to all my readers!
 Before I proceed to mooncake festival, I want to clarify that I had gone through my first week of holiday with working at my dad's shop, trying out eggtart and having three meals everyday !

Alright, my holiday is that simple and boring. HAHA. 

Anyway, I wanted to blog about mooncake festival !

Actually we did not celebrate mooncake festival and this time we did. How we celebrate it ? Not eating mooncake definitely because the mooncakes we bought already eaten even before the arrival of mooncake festival. And I don't really fancy mooncake so much but I still eat la. Before the festival itself, my mum cooked a lot ! Damn lot! I ate damn lot too! You know why ? I love seafood especially crabs and prawns! But so sad, this time round mummy was not able to buy crabs early in the morning because the uncle selling crabs were not there :/

I love my mum crabs because I only ever eat the crabs she cooked. I never try outside one because I never did, LOL. Why bother to eat crabs outside when you have an awesome mother that can cook nice food ! 

Anyway, I saw how my mum prepared the food because I want to learn ! I learnt how my mum cooked butter mint chicken and it was heavenly! 

I was the last third person who leaves the dining table. The other two was my mum and dad of course. Oh yeah I beat my brother ! muahahaha~ 

So, here are some photos taken ! hehehe. 

indoor BBQ chicken, taste awesome tooo and much more cleaner !

PRAWNS ! But I did not eat much because the prawns are too small and I have ulcer on the tongue :S and was too lazy to open the shell.

Butter milk and mint chicken ! I certainly know why it is called butter milk and mint chicken. Because they are  cooked with butter, milk and mint. LOL. TASTE NICE TOO, but I don't like the mint so much.

A perfect dinner for 7 (naughty godbrother came over, HAHAHA) I didn't take the clams and the sea cucmber soup because of my brother, I don't know why he did not take the pic =.=" 

Alright, before I end this post, I am not going to show my family photo but EMO ! lol. I don't know why =.=" just feel like showing the pic. HAHAHAA~

look fierce isn't it ? but she is cute in real xD
p/s: My cracked lips gone better day by day~ oh yeah~~ I think I did not have certain vitamins or what, that is why I have cracked lips. OH MY SEXY LIPS come back to me~~~

Another two weeks till my holiday ends :( no more seafood no more defecating everyday no more comfy bed no more aircond no more everything... oh my god. 

And my swimming lessons...................... FAILED T_T 


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