someday somehow...

Sometimes in life, we hope for something we cannot change. That hope is really hopeless hope because you can never change it.
Sometimes in life, we hope to be a better person but we cannot make it because we are born with it.
Sometimes in life, we hope we are perfect but no, no way we can be perfect. But we can be nearly perfect.

God is fair.
People with health, have no wealth.
People with wealth, have no health.
People with health and wealth have no happiness.
People with happiness have no wealth or health.
People with look, have no attitude.
People with attitude, have no look.
People with smiles, have no figure.
People with figure, have no smiles.

In life, there is no perfectness because perfectness makes life dull and not happening. What makes life happening is, people searching for perfectness. Oh yeah! I am searching for it too, and that is why my life is full or rubbish and rubbishes. hahaha, I have a nightmare !
wtf am I talking.

hahahahah. this is just another "waste time" post.

Tomorrow is maths test! And I am not ready yet. LOL.
Life is so cruel and not cruel at the same time too! I am heading home in 12 days !

I'm coming home........


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