Aging changes people.

Over the years, when I saw the faces of people that I know, familiar in an unfamiliar situation, I would try my best to avoid being seen. For example, you saw your teacher in the market or somewhere ( not the school), you would try to avoid been caught by the fiery eyes of your teacher. Maybe some of you would not feel this way but I am sure most of the students act this way. So do I.

Today, I saw my teacher, the teacher that used to giving me extra tuition for English since form 1 (If you don't follow me since the first I blogged, I can tell you that she is the one that I really really thanked a lot!, actually she was not my school teacher but tuition teacher where my brother and I used to go to neighour's house and she came over to teach us(neighour, brother, me) English. Luckily I am the only one who start tuition with her for 5 years continuously! And then I got myself A+ and 1 for spm which in terms exchange for the sadness of C for bible :D! )! Occasionally she would come to my dad's and do some groceries shopping. Previously, I would try my very very very very best to avoid her catching even a glimpse of me. I would not allow any of my traces being seen or left out. Hoping that she don't have the tiger's nose to sense my smell. Sometimes, she was walking by, and of course my mum would tell me she was there. I would RUN like a madgirl into the store to hide myself from her and the entire world. I am not sure if this is some kind of disease or not, but I can say that I have kicked out this habit today !

Today (again, redundant sorry ! couldn't find any better other that the word today), I made a change. I saw the sideburn of her and was pretty sure that THAT IS HER ! THAT IS HER ! It was quite a long distance ( my dad's are big, not to sound arrogant here.) I thought I have to gather ALL MY COURAGE that I have for the past 19 years to walk up to her and say a simple and sweet "HI". I did not. I was pretty sure I walked quite fast and normal towards her. So simple! I said "HI teacher !" It was a really happy HI TEACHER that I could really feel using my entire body systems. Well, I spoke English ! It was not that smooth and never was because I seldom speak in English ever since I stepped into UTAR except sometimes when I talk to Mr H.

It seems like, so long. Well, it's long. I haven't seen her for a year or less I think. We had a little chat and it seems like wow, I love it. She was catching up some news from me and me myself would not like "问一句答一句" meaning like someone ask you a single thing, and you never bother to reply more than that. Now, I find myself speaking more. More than what she asked. I think this is pretty big change in myself but the true self in me, is still there which is shy :$

Maybe this is due to aging or maturity though. I find myself getting nearer to the adulthood which is rather nerve racking because I have to know so many stuff, that I may make mistakes that is rather can't be erased or reversed. ohmy, what am I rambling ? Idk.

Anyway, tonight will be a good good night ! Because I am getting to eat sushi by my mum! Of course I would try to lend my precious hands to help her. A good news too, I am baking a BIRTHDAY CAKE. LOL


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