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以前只会写在作文里,什么什么 去孤儿院做一些工,一切都很美好。



This is Anning Orphanage home, it is situated on the way from kampar to ipoh road. That is all I know. There are around 31 + children in that home. It has been operating for around 4 years. They are children of divorced parents, single parent, drug addicts parents and so on. They come from different backgrounds and some have disabilities in walking and talking. Looking at them, I felt greatly disturbed, in the heart.

Imagine if your parents are gone and all you left is yourself, in such a young age. Nobody takes care of you, and you are just, alone :''(

They are naughty, because they are lacking of people to take care of them. This orphanage, is lack of people to take care everyone of them. They are left roaming in the house, and if they did something wrong, they don't know :((

Alright, we went there to teach them making lanterns in conjunction with Mooncake festival eventhough it is already over. Besides, there are some games after that too.

Independent group 

shenyin's group :)

my group gui yi :)

my group jia hui :)

man yee's group :)

han xuan's group !

he has problem with talking , likes to hold hands :)

jiunn harng's group

dejing and josephine group

hand made lantern :)

musical chair session

tom and jerry session

gangnam session! hahaha~ they like gangnam style you know! so in!

pui shi :)

yee kuan :)

cute right ? last time i look like this too LOL 

chicken dance session

group photo without me :)

group photo with me :))

wahlao this three girls so cute >.<

heheheh, smile till xDDD



us !


he was crying because we are leaving.... don't know why he hug dejing only .. lols!

pretty right ? :)

another one :)))
Last but not least, I definitely will go back for sure ! 




Anonymous said...

(y)gd nia~~ i wan to go one day as well ^^ feel like wanna giv them a lot a lot of love~~ <3 hahahhaha

f3rn ♥ said...


MeowMeow Qian said...

anonymous : yup! should go! call me too !! :DDD
fern: :DDD

Danny Sia said...

good post jessie!

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