egggy tarts !

Before I leave this peaceful place, I attempted eggtarts for the second time. The first attempt was a failure because I forget to add in egg and sugar onto the crusts and make everything taste awful, except the middle part, taste like "WOW"!

I won't do tutorials because I have no hands to take every single pic when I was doing it. I need a helper ! :S fine. nobody wants to help me take every single photo at home :S fine lor.

I won't say anything about the recipe because I got this from this youtuber. I followed her instructions and my eggtarts succeeded ! :D first time I felt so accomplished. Of course some photos are taken after it's done ! the down part of the crusts were not as strong because I put only a thin layer of butter pastry down there. So next time I have to improve it lor~

taste like the one I bought outside ! xD

notice the third photo ? somehow looks like ET hahahah~ 

before putting them into the oven.
So, tonight will be the last night where I will spend my time in front of this little table because tomorrow I 'm flying to kampar again! Alone again! Oh,oh.

How was my holiday?

I cannot deny the fact that I did not go out with any of my friends here because I was busy and lazy to jio people out. I did actually but it was cancelled due to me cause nobody want to fetch me but then after that can actually go meet my friend up but I lazy to jio her again cause I said next time ba! So, I did not see any classmates or anyone familiar in these three weeks.

I cannot deny the fact that I did not even land my hands on the steering. Meaning, I did not drive at all. AT ALL. wtf. last holiday at least I still drive few times but not this time ! actually because my dad did not ask me so I won't even bother to drive :P I think he forgets that I owned a license.

I learnt where and how to apply for a passport.

I got some ideas in cooking.

I made successful eggtarts!

I, I, I, ate many. lol, and turned back to 52 kg. It was 50 kg and I was damn happy in the beginning because I am so near to my target 45kg! BUT NOW, I AM DEPRESSED T_T

Last but not least, I have a great time with my family and cousins and also emo and eco. My holiday, I ended with an awesome dinner. Thank you. A new chapter of my life is going to be revealed soon enough.

dinner :]

p/s: I'm still bothered about my bad results though. But I must not give up! CANNOOOT 2.59 wtfwtfwtf ?!?! shitness.


FiSh. ohFISHiee said…
yummy egg tarts! :) can save money, no need to buy outside

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