People just have to know this..

A story that just needed to be heard by people from all over the whole. 

"God risked Himself on me
I will risk myself on you
And Together, we will learn to love,
and perhaps then, and only then, 
understand this gravity that drew Him,
unto us."

It was truly a wonderful story of Cliff and Wai Jia
A story between a couple , who started from blogging.. and faith drew them together to  the aisle. Unconditional love and care from an unknown to friends, to close friends , and to the most important person ... I'm sure, they will have a happy ending .

God knows everything.
Of whom we love and care for the most :)
Thank you God for him.


Hello !! I didnt know you linked my blog on your blog, linked you too ^__^ Nice to meet ya :)

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