Just got up and blogging !

Woke up by mum's call. And not decided to sleep back.
She called a lot this week because I was sick!!

Sore throat and fever. Ugrhhh, hate the feeling of being sick. Especially fever. I still can bear with coughing and sore throat, but definitely not fever.

I could not remember when was the last time I sick because it was so so damn long ago. I left home for almost two years and I never really get fever+sore throat together in one. I take care of myself well :3

Hahaha, anyway, this time, being sick is a little bit different because there was someone who took care of me even though you did not cure me straight but I appreciate it. Thanks Mr H ;)

wahahhahahahahha :P
This is why I did not update my blog for like more than one week ? xD I forget to update my Midvalley trip, will do that in the next few posts I guess if there no problem :)

Last but not least, a photo of myself ! I still have some sore throat though zzzzz

pretty not ?!?!


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