The Awesome Group!

Well, well, and well. Oh, everything is well .
I have been missing in action (not really, just not blogging about my current situation in a proper way) Mainly due to midterms, assignments and presentation.

So, today I am going to blog about, pendidikan moral. A subject that I took this semester. This subject requires us to do a written folio, documentary and presentation. From the beginning; week 1, we needed to find a group. Banana and I were both together. So, we just randomly sat at a place and settled ourselves.

Suddenly, came a girl who asked me, " Is there anyone who sit here?"
Of course, I said no, cause I am of no power to control who will be sitting there.

+ + +

Then, teacher asked us to form a group. A group of 7 people. So, so randomly the girl just now, came and asked us "Do you guys have a group?". And us sitting there like a log, no bothering to find any group to join (other biomedical friends were already group, and seemed like they are having group already), said " okok ~~~ :)" to her. fyi she is Jasmine. Hehehe.

Just like that, we were destined to be in that group ! Hehe. So the fun things started when we had our first meeting. The non-stop jokes and all those laughs are the most entertaining. And now, I miss working together with them :''')

Getting to meet new friends feel SO DAMN GOOD. ok now, I miss the laughs ;'''D

So,,, everything has ended now and it's time to study for finals !!!!!!!! (p/s: I want to enjoy and finish movies that I downloaded recently first)

definitely feel good grouping with them ! girls~~ feel tall standing beside them >.< from left: Pei yan, Carmen;Banana, Jasmine and ME!

The guys with our Mr Mutu ;D From left: Fusheong, Mr Mutu, Chuin Ye, Ka Wei (leader)

The girls are whitish and while the boys are greyish ! :) coordinated one ok fyi muahahhaah.

The awesome group with Mr MUTU ! Thanks to our group leader who work hard for us too ^_^

Lastly, this is the best grouping that I had in UTAR. It brings more happiness than sadness. I am so glad that I'm in :)

大家要加油哦!gambateeeeeeneeee ;D

p/s: video making was fun ! 


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