Christmas is coming~~

Hohoho~ Christmas is coming ~ Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone !!

The world is still surviving because I am blogging now! First week of holiday has just gone like that. Just like that... I have been busy working at my dad's shop. As early as 9 am to 7+ pm at night. Uhhhoh. what a good daughter am I :]

Well well well... I don't really celebrate Christmas due to certain reasons that I am not so sure about it too. Haha, but I celebrated it before it is so fun because you got to get presentsssssss! That is the only cool thing about Christmas right ?! hahahaha. Anyway, this year, a little bit different, there is a tiny little Christmas tree in my house ! Decorated with little decorations and lights, it seem so different ! What a blessing!

Today is Sunday and it is pretty boring because I do not know what else to do in the house other than watching drama whole day. So, I cleared up my wardrobe and put all the old clothes and unneeded ones to boxes and packed it up so that I can send it to recycle center :] While clearing, I saw these!!!

Soft toys that I don't know why I collected when I was young. Lol. Don't feel like giving away because they are my childhood memories ! 

This is the tiny Christmas tree in my house !!! Cool leh~ 

Going to shock people with this little young me during Christmas time in Sibu when I was....young. Hahaha, this photo is taken by my dearest aunt! So many presents! Merrrry Christmas !

Okay, I still remember the first Christmas present I got is a bottle ! Quite happy with what I got :]

Cute or not?! muahhahaha. Actually I am cuter than this because this is when I was having ugly broken tooth if u can see from the photo. Ahahahaha
I guess this mark the end for tonight's post! Time to get excited for something to happen! Oh yes~ can't wait to blog about it ! Stay tune!


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