Oh yeah 12 12 12

I just can't stop not to post something on this very special date ! Even if it is just a few words ..


Oh yeah, later I am going out to have lunch with my boyfiiiee (sounds weird here, Mr H sounds better) ;D

3 days to home ! Cannot wait to be home and start texting with Mr H. Lols.. we seldom text each other nowadays because we see each other very much these days and no need for texting. But the texting features I just updated look just so adorable and make texting so fun !

hehehhe. Okayh, bye. time to eat, and time to study and time to hooooorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~

p/s: This time I will the one who leave first since I finished my exam earlier. Don't be sad okay, Shitty ? ;) You miss me you text me la! I will be freeeeee all time :D


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