Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The twilight Saga ;D

Opppsie Dooopsie! Watched the last part of Twilight !
Ratings: 5 stars 

What an amazing love story that they created. 
And and, in conclusion, they have been through so much just to be with each other forever.


How is that possible? They are vampires. 

The more I watch Bella, the more I like her @@ She has gone prettier over the series. Of course new Bella was the prettiest :)))

Anyway, watched two movies today, Breaking Dawn part 2 and Life of PI (also awesome movie but not as awesome as BD!) TEEEEEHEEEEE~

Got to go to the bed and start reading my novel~~ wheeeee~

p/s: How I wish I could be with Mr H forever (haha, joking)
p/s: Another working day tomorrow~


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