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Time passed so quickly that today already is 3th January. 3 days of 2013. There are still 362 days to go. It has been 2 years that I left my secondary school. To tell the truth, I miss my schooling life. Kindergarten to primary to secondary to high school. So I have decided to blog about myself. Of course, this is my blog and it is all about me ! Muahahaha. 

# I read newspaper today and now thinking of why in the first place I start to blog? Some says it is for the sake of fame, some says money and etc. The most not so eyesore reason is, for the sake of myself, blogging is just another way to express what you thought, what you feel and what you are, who you are. Alright. Going to start my post now! 

It has been 15 years already that I left my schools. Schools? This included kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. I am a pure josephian because my kindergarten was ST. JOSEPH KINDERGARTEN, my primary was SK ST JOSEPH MIRI, my secondary was SMK ST JOSEPH MIRI. I was enrolled into these school mainly because my brother was in the school and it was easier for my dad to fetch me and my brother when we were still young. Well, my brother and I is only 2 years apart. We only started schooling from Level 1(5 years old) and Level 2(6 years old). When I was Level 1, my brother should lbe primary 1 and why was I still going to st joseph kindergarten? Oh well, because the distance between the kindergarten and primary school is like 5 minutes drive only. Oh well. To be true, now, I feel that I am lucky enough to be in these schools. 

These schools are not rich because they are missionary schools. Government does not support the school's development. Conclusion is, my schools are pretty small compared to other schools. 

I have friends who had their graduation photos (The one with square hat) while I am not even having one ! Terribly sad for this ! Well, at least I still have some group photos !

Let's see!
I was level 1. My classroom is the school's hall. So pity. LOL 

Level 2. Spot me? I am the cutest one though. HAHA. This time the classroom is on first floor. Better :)
This was Year 2 ! All the colours are due to that our class are having physical education class later on and photo had to be taken on that day. So, we have colourful photos. hahaha. Spot the cute one, and that's me ! 

Jumping to Year 6. No group photos taken for y1, y3, y4 and y5 if not mistaken. LOL. Well, I was a school prefect ! Like a stupid girl. Wearing red tie in primary school make me feel proud ! Standing behind during assembly to keep the students quiet make me feel even more proud! oh well, I miss it!
Another piece of treasure found. This was from the newspaper when we got straight A's for UPSR ! Rewarded with an english dictionary !Very thick, and from that onwards, my English is improving day by day. I was quiet and quiet again(cant find any other suitable word) when I was little. Never thought I will be getting straight a's like other smart classmates who speak English fluently. Actually feel degraded in the class somehow :S 

So this is my Year 6 graduates. Barely see my face =.= 
Moving forward was my secondary school period. Wow, I think I have changed pretty much. During form 1, I was still the quiet and feeling insecure one. LOL But something had changed me. That was form 2, when I first started to join the school camp ! Of course it is red crescent time !

There are more, but I think I threw it away or lost it. These are the things that changed me, I don't know better me or what, but definitely better than previous quiet me. I was fucking scared to speak in English or BM or even to talk. But those camps changed me. I got braver and ..more active. lol

form 1! I was a newbie that time ! 

Form 2 ! Seniors remember my name though. AHAHA maybe because I turned cuter.

Form 3 ! Well, nothing much to say. ahahha find me !

Form 4! I was sitting. Oh great feeling ;)

I could not find the photo, so took it from the school magazine ;) I was right next to advisors! woohoo. Cannot forget the moments I had in red crescent !

Form 1. Super ugly.

Gone cuter during form 2.

Okay, was sitting next to teacher. Prettier. lol.

Okay, this was so little people. There are more actually, and I think they were absent. Form 4 bah, honeymoon year. Okay, was sitting next to teacher again ! I sweared not to be a class monitor anymore , because it was terrible year! Shed litres of tears . wtf maybe too stress looking at addmaths 30+ marks only. shocked me to death. lol

OKAY, Form 5! actually I think I gone uglier again. hahahaa. that is so formal.

As one of our classmates was the president of photography club, we requested for this informal photo! hahahha such a great great great moments ! Even though I ended up not getting straight a's :S

Well, it's 2013. I am still undergraduates. Really hope to wear that square hat soon! Time to move on, stop reminiscing, start engine ! woooohooo. what a post for today . HAPPY 201314 <3 p="p">


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