Semester break ending soon!

It is going to end soon. I have no feelings after leaving house for study for so many times. It feels like emotionless, blankness, nothing. I do not feel like when I was first leaving my house for the first semester. Well, maybe as what people say, after a long time doing the same thing for umpteen times, you feel nothing, just nothing. Something like that. Is this going to be the same for ... ? Well, time will prove that.

Anyway, I wanted to blog about something that I just thought while I was in the car going home from work.

I have I been doing all these while for my semester break? I got to list out everything one by one and rate my semester break !

1. Sleeping until the sun was on top of my head.
2. Driving from shop to home with my mum at my side and I scared her to death when I mistakenly step on the oil rather than the brake which almost knock down the thing to dry clothes one.
3. Work from 6 to 7 almost everyday except Sunday.
4. Bought the face shop clean face series.
5. Asked my mum to make curtains for my hostel because the lousy curtains the hostel provided make me sunbath in the room for whole morning.
6. Webcam with Mr H. not everyday of course.
7. Texting while working. well, I'm the boss.
8. Bought a Christmas tree from super save.
9. Ate lamb chop and chicken chop for two Sundays.
10. Bought prawns with my mum. My love !
11. Made 24 eggtarts.
12. Made 6 pieces of failed French Toast. I put too much salt.
13. Finished reading a novel entitled "A Message Bottle" by Nicholas Sparks.
14. Fight with brother.
15. Reading newspaper everyday.
16. Outing with friends !
17. BBQ with friends and where they came with their gf's and I was teased "forever alone". Shit la, they are still teasing me as always.. oh oh, great~~Well, used to it already :S
18. Finished two dramas. One is hk and another is taiwanese.
19. Writing blogs.

All these are what I can think in a blink of few minutes. Ahahahha. I would like to rate my semester break 10/10! XD


Yinwin said…
I just found this:
"两个人 不必要求 不必强求 不必奢求
Love is beautiful"

Walao. XD
AHAHAHA. true what :P

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