Happy Mdm Ho's Day !

I did not hug my mum. Neither did I say "I love you" to her. But, a cake, a purse from the 4 of us. We don't say "Iloveyou" so much, I don't know why, but I know we love each other :) 
My family is not the kind like Mr H's family. I feel that his family is different than mine when I got the chance to be with his family, thanks to him :) (terribly missing you now !)
So, this celebration is very simple. A cake, and all the family members and smiles :) 
Thank you for bringing us into this world and living with you ! 

The cake was nice , and coffeelicious. 

Actually this cake is not as nice as mango delight which is supposed to be the cake that we should buy... aih, bo luck :<

Okay, I awkwardly ask my mum to take photo saying "妈妈 你跟爸爸拍照啦" hahha. then dad walked over  say "ha, lai la" LOL p/s: sorry ah, my dad was half naked but still handsome right ?! xD
 Okay, no photos of 4 of us with mum. That's the end and I feel grateful that I am home during this time ! I don't know how many times left for me to be able to celebrate anymore ! Besides, I helped my mum cleaning room and washed toilet ! Hooray :)

Last but not least, the favourite thing at home is, THERE ARE ALWAYS FRUITS PREPARED IN THE FRIDGE !!!!!! Proudly presents you my favourite genetically modified grapes without seeds ! >_<


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