a day with Mr H

Recently I have been carried away by exercising, mainly jogging.

With all the sweats and hardwork, I hope my tummy can be smaller and my little calf can be smaller and I can be thinner.

Of course, Mr H was exercising with me as well for certain days. Well, today it was different ! I did not jog instead I cycled. I mean we cycled ! Through the school area, with all the jungles around.

I was pretty scared because we did not know where we were heading to cause it was a mystery road ! Well, the mystery is solved. The road head to somewhere....I don't know where is that.

Throughout the journey, saw cows. was scared by them to be true because we only heard sounds of animals trembling around the bush but could not see what was that ! Imagine how scary it was !  Luckily I saw the faces of cows around but they still scared the !@#$ out of me.

Hmmmph ! It was pretty fun anyway being able to have this kind of memories with Mr H.

He was saying " Danger is real but fear is a choice." Quoted from After Earth. I heard this quote twice already for today.
Another one was during presentation. Oh ya, quite like to presenting in front of unknown coursemates. Well, I am pretty shy to make new friends with. Haha, anyway, I showed my capability and I think they are shocked. How can this cute girl be so good !?!? hahaha.

Anyway, thank God for bringing in the courage in me ! :)


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