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This post is going to be full of photos ! Firstly produly present my personal photo and my couple photo for the first time of this new semester ! Next semester we are going to be separated for about 3 months as I failed a subject and I cannot graduate together with my batch of friends. How sad it is to think of that ... Nevertheless, I still feel great because I know God has something else for me. Even there is nothing, I finally get over it already ^_^ 

Today is about, a half day trip to organic farm. It is located in Perak namely Green Wish Vegi Garden. It has garden-like feel as the surrouding farm has beautiful flowers and nice sceneries. If the farm can be bigger and improvise a little bit more, I guess it will attract a lot more tourists and students. Quite sad with labour problem, as there is no one helping to take good care of the farm as the weeds are growing and vegetables are little. Anyway, I am sure there will be a change soon. This labour problem also happens to my dad's shop. ahahah.

This farm is entirely an organic farm, organic here means using little chemicals or no at all as the fertilizer. It uses the natural way to produce fertilizer mainly goat dung added with all the weeds, dead leaves and so on.  No pesticides herbicides are used too! Not going into this further, photos ! :D 

Thank you for accompanying me for this trip. Greatly treausured the sacrifices you made eventhough you are so busy with you works. And sorry for the photo as well...
 It was a good morning as I am quite excited with the trip. It will be the last trip for this semester I guess. Last trip with Mr H :') I woke up with smile. ;D

The bananas they are providing us taste sweeet and very tasty for a banana. You can go there and try them out ! They are numerous in numbers !

this is not a rose but a hibiscus ! I mistaken it and being laughed at >.< 

Flowers ~ They are healthy and pretty ! I love them all especially the lilies !!! If there are a whole lot garden of lilies, that will be better.

how lovely Mr H is ;)

love this photo (Y)


All the words attached on each compartment somehow attracted me. I feel like I'm in Taiwan or something. Anyway, it was pretty cool to find these here. 

There are plenty of pineapples around the garden. It was pretty nice though. I never see a growing pineapple and now I've seen it. Thank you.

A pond in the garden ^_^ how good it is to pakto at here. hahaha. 

I asked the uncle is there any lemon here? He said yes ! Actually I thought lemon is grown in a cold and humid place like cameron or kk but then they are not ! Uncle shown me the lemon and he asked me to pluck it out and take it ! xD how lucky I am ! 

^_^ a cute and nice sitting place, just that it is amazingly HOT. Well there's another photo of this but that one is without the wordings on top..

Last but not least, a photo of Mr H, Uncle and me ! :D

* Have the thought of having a garden like him but bigger and full of flowers instead of veges ! Oh God, it attracts me so well :)


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