Oh oh oh~ the great escape !

Hey! Sorrry for the super duper long hiatus ! xD

I was busy with school stuffs and recently just joined a camp ! The very first camp during my university life ! It brought back the old classic memories during secondary school when we had to be bullied by seniors. This camp, is not really as strict as training camp, I should say it is more towards relaxation~

Somehow, anyhow, I met and know new friends from other courses but basically from biosciences courses. I feel glad for being able to spend my precious weekends like that.

Well, I learnt a lot through this camp. Learn how to keep quiet when I should be quiet. Learn to respect others. Learn to talk nonsense with groupmates since they are pretty hard to talk to, maybe because they are too shy. Learn to  be strong when I am alone. Learn to smile to everyone :)))

Actually I went this camp with Mr H and we try to act like normal friends, I think we succeeded ? hahah. Anyway, we went back to couple after the camp ended.

Nevertheless, pictures that I had stolen from FB !

I think I grow quite a mass of muscle after doing this activity.

Coolest photo of me ! xD 


Awesome to meet you guys ! :)
I did not regret for joining this camp eventhough I hope my group can win but did not. Well, most important thing is that I enjoy the whole journey throughout this camp. Well, yayhooooo ~! :DDD

p/s: Thank God that my fat calf did not show much in the photos :P


Carolyn Tay said…
Looks like so much fun :D
J e s s i e said…

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