Recently ...

I feel like blogging twice in a day. Recently I am reading a book called "Limitless" by Nick Vuijicic.

He was the famous speaker who has gone through ups and downs without a perfect body. He has a strong heart. Without arms and legs, he was able to stand up and be strong. He has no limits eventhough he is not complete. Can you imagine yourself without limbs? To tell the truth, I can't.

I can't do anything without my limbs. My life will be dull and duller.

However, he was not. He was at first, but then he realised something about God. God wants him to be this way. There is a purpose of all God's creation.

Me too, God creates me for purposes. He gave me a perfect body and complete family.

Sometimes, I feel incomplete, I don't know why. Incomplete as in, soul ?

I feel lazy, I feel dumb. I feel stupid. I feel funny.
That's a lot of feelings. Especially when you are in growing stage. Can I stop growing ? That's mean I'm dead. HAHAHAHA.

There are a lot of things need to be done, need to be tried, need to be finished ! So don't stop, keep trying ! :D

God Bless Ya ;)

p/s: I'm quite excited about tomorrow's trip to organic farm ! :)


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