Lovey dovey post

This couple wear that I bought online for RM 30 + is so reasonable ! The shirt for Mr H memang can wear, but for the dress, definitely toooo short for me. So, I'm gonna wear leggings inside. Unless I want to wear it at home. hahaha. After taking photo of them, I was thinking what country flag is this ==


windmills ~~~~

It's NETHERLANDS ! hahahhahahahah !
p/s: This is chosen by our great MR H from who is my boyfriend, a penang guy who is handsome and has cute inner character. But outside, he is charming and quiet (sometimes).

So we are going to wear Netherlands flag around >.<


8 of August is today
Going to end in a couple of hours
Proceeding to 9 of August
This month is very special
Because our birthdays fall on the same month !
Unfortunately we don't fall on the same horoscope.
He's Leo and I'm Virgo
What a combination it is !
Today I cooked my own lunch and it tasted great, feeling homey >.<
Today I watched Grey Anatomy's and felt like wanting to be a surgeon =.=
Today I washed my blankets and sunbathed my pillows and HugHug !
Today I blogged.

Well, pretty lazy to update my blog recently because I have nothing to blog about, and even if I have, I feel extremely lazy to type.

Alright, I have nothing to crap anymore, continue Grey's anatomy!

P/S someone's birthday is coming soooon!


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