Mr H's 20th birthday in school

Few days before, I collaborated with Mr H's biotechnology friends to make a surprise birthday dash for him! They are my foundation friends as well and as year goes by, we become friends :) I was so happy that they could help me to celebrate Mr H's birthday ! The story goes like this. It was Friday, a day before his birthday. They were having midterm at 6.30 pm to around 7.30 pm. Me, on the other hand, was preparing to go to school by bus bringing along the cake ! I waited with YeeYan for their test to end. After that, we were hiding at the staircase and they were walking and discussing about their tests.

I lighted up the candles but after a while, the light blows off because of the lousy candles string. Omg, Mr H was walking further away already and they started to sing birthday songs and YY and I were dashing towards him but so unlucky the light went off before Mr H could blow them. LOL

Anyway, we used another normal pink candles and Mr H made wishes and blew off the the candles ! Tata! Photo taking session and dinner time ! :)

Having chit chatting session at Alley John's ! Thank you so much for spending time together ! Really appreciate it ! :)

This is me holding the cake to Mr H ! Hope he had fun and surprised ! xD
Saturday was the real birthday. It was normal day and we had burgers for dinner and awesome desserts ! I had short meeting that night until around 10.30 pm. So I left Mr H alone. I went home and get myself the present that I have prepared a month before. Hehehehe! Went over to his hostel and quickly put the box in the fridge! Coicidentally he had a cake bought by his housemates which he could not finish them because he was too full. That was where my idea is, letting him discover present by himself ! I love to do that as always, because giving face to face is hard because you will get nervous and blah blah blah. 

I asked him to get the cake for me because I felt like eating them. Woah, he refused to in the beginning but I persuaded him to ! xD So, he walked out and opened the fridge. Wahahahha. There was a sticky note on it. "To Mr H.....!"

Surprising right ? :))) 

A 2nd wallet that I bought for him because the first wallet is way too small !

A card with birthday wishes ! Actually it is a photo film. I have no idea how to make a special card for him anymore, so I saw I have some photo paper, and used them up! :)

Mr H's birthday cake ! :)
The end~

p/s: I hope you have a great birthday Mr H! :D I don't know how many birthday surprises can I give you but hey! Happy 20 th Birthday ! I purposely did not wish you on facebook :P


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