A short and brief one

Our heart is not even near to perfection ==!! 
I took 4 papers this semester. 3 are done and left 1 which is the coming Friday.
Opinion: Cell Biology and Clinical Biochemistry are good :) BUT NEUROBIOLOGY SUCKS TO HELL. I don't know whether I will fail or not =='' I need some luck please....

I hope I can do wellllll and wellllll and welllll ...........duh.

Where is my 3.0 ???

I shall just wait for the results to come out and grief for one hour.

P/s: the photo is taken using my pinky and tripod stand !!! Officially using it for the first time ! hahahaha more photos soon !

p/s 2: So many unpleasant things have been coming up in my life... I guess, that's life ! :D


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