Semester Break; a new breakthrough.

The time has come. The awaited moment.
Semester break.

However, it is not the best of all because I need to be apart with my beloved Mr H for at least 3 months. We will be meeting each other on the coming October or November and only until next January we are able to meet each other for long! It's a no big deal lah :P If you really love someone, LDR is nothing cause it is just another breakthrough for a better relationship :)

All my fellow friends (most of them) are going for internship but I cannot make it due to failing of a 4 credit hr subject and I needed to postponed it to Y4S1 OR 2 ? Probably Y4S2. Then I will be graduating on 2016 March.

Well, it is so sad that I cannot graduate with Mr H but I am thinking postively that God has a better plan for me :)

Anyway, I spent my 1/3 of my semester break in Penang with Mr H and friends from the west !
I can swim (specifically; float and kicking my legs to move me few meters ahead). I know I can make it and I did it on the second lesson with Mr H. Being Mr H's girlfriend is so so so intoxicating because it is so toxic with LOVES. ahaha. I feel I owe the whole world to him now. I will be a better girlfriend >.<

I had my first trip to Cameron Highlands with Mr H and friends as well. However, I felt isolated during the trip but anyway, I safely bought and brought strawberries back to Miri and bought a strawberry pillow or bolster for myself. I took many photos with my pinky and of course photo with Mr H again! I know I have been brat-ting about him every sentences, but hey because of him, I can go Cameron right ? :P

Photos !!!!!!!!!!!!

First photo taken. xoxo We were going to live in the apartment behind us for 3 days 2 nights. 

Most presentable photos to be seen and LOVED. ahahaha. Thanks to photographer Calvin Lam (I know you will read my blog)  :) 

Let me add group photo ! :) First taken in Cameron ^_^ (Why my fat and muscleless calf coming out ==)

Lavender farm is the one I love the most !!!!!! You guys should visit here and soothe your mind when you have depression ok. hahaha.

Not going to post anymore photos because the line is laggy and I am lazy. They rhyme so it's right :) laggy lazy laggy lazy laggy lazy. hhaha.

More next time ! :]

* * *
It dawned on me when I landed on Miri, that the time has come. I have to be tough in facing all the possibilities of life. Stay strong and be calm, I can make it as it says, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

A note to him:
When you're missing her, tell her, she will be happy :)
When you're down, tell her too, she will make you feel better :)
When you're in trouble, tell her too, she will solve it for you :)
Of all, take care of yourself =_)


WHarngY said…
Hahaha. By the way, I will graduate on time. Dont expect me to wait for you! hehex xP

Hahaha, I am strong man! so dont worry lah, I will take care myself as well as people around me. Hehex.

Good day!
Meowmeow Qian said…
I didn't ask you to wait for me la pls :P

Ya, I believe you are strong because you are muscle man ! Love you ! and Jia You ! :))))

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