2014 Resolution

Upon not the ending of 2013, I already started to think of 2014 (how futuristic I am)

As the title goes 2014 Resolution, so I think I know what to write .

Before that, let's take a peek on my 2013 resolution. LOL It is here !

I have 3 resolutions, I read it. And hummm. Since it is not the end of the year YET, I cannot say that I cannot achieve them. Okay. Let's leave them for another day.

My 2014 resolution :

1. Reach and maintain cgpa 3.0 above.
2. 45 kg
3. Swim like a swimmer.
4. Be mature.
5. Steady, strong and great relationship with Mr H.

Okay. This is my resolutions. Hope I can make it. Hope I can make some effort in gaining them. HOPE so >.<

p/s: I am going to pin this up next to the blogposts, to remind me. Okayh.

Two photos to get. Maybe I should make a photoblog. HMMMMMPH! Thinking of them right now.

Love the macro photo because my camera is good for macros and sceneries ^_^


WHarngY said…
No need to do one more blog lah.. Don't you remember got instagram for that?
Meowmeow Qian said…
But my camera photos cannot post on instagram le...cause not taken using my camera

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